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I started my search for Solar about a year ago. Unfortunately, I went online and requested a quote from a generic solar site, huge mistake! Almost immediately I was contacted by dozens of big, not so local companies wanting my business. The calls came constantly and on a daily basis and that got old quick!

I did meet with a few of the better known companies, but wasn’t comfortable with their offerings or the fact that most weren’t local. When the calls continued, even after telling companies I was no longer interested, I soon realized that the calls would never stop! When I’d had enough of the bombardment, I began telling them I’d made a mistake and that I was a renter, unable to authorize improvements on the property. A lie, but it got the wolves off my trail. :)

After a bit of a break from it all, I decided look into it again but to narrow my search to local companies, I began contacting those I’d heard of directly in an effort to educate myself. After meeting with 4 local companies, one of which was Sunmatter Solar, I was surprised to find out just how many variables can affect solar efficiency and price, not to mention time to install.

Over the next couple of months of investigating, meeting and re-meeting with solar guys, one company began to stand out. When the other companies adjusted their configurations and product offering to drop price, Sunmatter’s original quote remained consistent and competitive despite other contractor's posturing. I began to realize that Russ from Sunmatter had provided all the accurate information needed at great price in our initial meeting, and their ETA to install was weeks, not months!

Look, I love to haggle as much as the next guy, but it was refreshing to see that one company understood my needs out of the gate! I chose Sunmatter’s solution, which included monitoring of output, along with an app for my phone, I love it! And with my system now installed and performing as promised my family and I are pleased and beyond satisfied with our system.

Sincerely, Robert Q.

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